Blue Monday

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OK so it's not Monday but it's close enough and last Monday was pretty blue as I returned home from an extremely fun but very boozy hen party in Valencia. I spent Saturday night and into the early hours of Sunday drinking BLUE WINE. Yes people, BLUE WINE.  I actually think I might be a bit late to the party on this one (although definitely not last Saturday night!) but apparently this is not that much of a new thing?! I have to be honest though, I can't see blue wine taking off but it definitely makes for a pretty funky picture.....

Sadly I was having too much fun to write a review of the blue wine but I can tell you that it was made from verdejo and made for a great night partying by the beach!

PS the blue comes from a red pigment found in black grape skins called anthocyanin. 

Wine that is definitely NOT blue and currently in the fridge.....

2016 Beronia, Verdejo
Where to buy; Waitrose, £8.49
Definitely white. Definitely delicious. Definitely a bargain. Produced from 100% Verdejo, which has become one of Spain's most important white varieties, from the region of Rueda.  Think big, juicy, ripe lemons with peach, nectarine, grass and mediterranean herbs. If you enjoy Sauvignon Blanc then definitely give this a try. The perfect accompaniment to heatwave! 

Currently on the rack.....

2016 Mayne de Beauregard, Bergerac Rouge
Where to buy; Marks & Spencer, £7.00
I showed this wine at a recent tasting and actually bought a case which I intended to use a future events. Having made the mistake of keeping it on my 'drinking' wine rack, I doubt it will be appearing at a tasting soon! From the region of Bergerac which sits next door to Bordeaux, this is produced from the same varieties found in Bordeaux: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc.  Packed full of blackcurrants, black plum, bramble, cedar and spice, it is a perfect partner to any kind of roast meats and hard cheeses. A great price too which is always the case with wines from Bergerac - always look out for these if you enjoy Bordeaux which can get pretty pricey.