Book/Booze Club!


I became part of a book club in October last year; girls only, good food, power ballads (recent addition), good books and LOTS of wine. It’s pretty fun.

I love book club for two reasons; firstly it’s got me back into reading, which is something that has seriously fallen by the wayside in the last few years.  Two small children, running a business and probably technology has meant that up until book club, I rarely picked up a book let alone finish one.  I’d forgotten how pleasurable it is to read and how much I enjoy it. I’ll be honest, the book chat on the night is minimal BUT we do read the books.

Secondly, you can’t beat girl time.  I think I appreciate this even more now that I am older.  Sharing a meal and several (ahem!) bottles of wine and putting the world to rights is one of life’s greatest pleasures, along with reading, and is something everyone should always make time for, whether it’s with friends or family.

Our latest book club fell on Good Friday and  it was my turn to host.  It was a good night – Cremant de Loire (on last weeks blog), duck ragu,  lots of wine,  chocolate martinis (Easter necessity) and a fair few gin and tonics all lead us on the somewhat wobbly road to power ballads and not much sleep.  Probably a good job it’s only once a month!

In the fridge....

2015 Cave de Vire, Vire Clesse                                                                       
Where to buy; Majestic Wine  £13.99

I love white burgundy, it's probably one of my favourite regions for white wine but it can be expensive.  The trick is to go for the southern regions of Burgundy- Macon, Pouilly Fuisse and Vire Clesse.  These three regions offer great value and the wines are a fraction of the price compared to the rest of the region. The grape variety is Chardonnay and due to the warmer weather in these southern areas the wines are incredibly rich.  If you are not a fan of oaked Chardonnay then look out for a Macon or Macon Villages as these tend to be unoaked.  Vire Clesse is it's own region within the Macon and this particular wine has had some lees stirring (where the dead yeast cells from the fermentation are stirred in the wine to create texture) which gives it a lovely but subtle creaminess.  There are some delicate notes of white flowers and lots of lemon and peach. This is a peach of wine, gorgeous on it's own and delicious with pasta, fish dishes or even roast chicken. 


On the rack....

2015 Georges Duboeuf, Morgon                                                                     
Where to buy; Waitrose £8.79 (currently on offer from £11.79)

As we limp across the winter finish line into spring (we are so close!), it's time to start thinking about some lighter reds. Beaujolais, in particular,  is the perfect partner for spring and summer drinking.  This wine is a Morgon and is a Beaujolais Cru, there are ten 'Crus' in the region and these are basically ten villages with their own appellation producing the best wines in Beaujolais.  The grape variety is 100% Gamay which is generally low in tannin and light in body.  Morgon, however, tends to produce some of the richest Beaujolais and does have soft but noticeable tannin, I find it goes particularly well with pork and hard cheeses. This wine a great price at the moment and is really tasty with lots of richness and depth, packed full of red fruit  - strawberries, raspberries and cherries.