Compulsory Family Fun

This weekend saw the first official day of British Summer Time and also our annual weekend away with the Hutchison/McGhee/soon to be Sutherland clan.  My husband affectionately branded the weekend as 'Compulsory Family Fun' some time ago and it's kind of stuck. Anyway, eight adults,  one  4 year old, one 1 year old, one 7 month old, one house, lots of food and lots of wine = a pretty busy but seriously fun weekend. I feel very lucky to be part of a party, wine and food loving family on both my side and my husband's. We celebrated the start of summer (10 degrees celsius counts, yes?) in true Scottish stye with 2 BBQs and my husband wearing shorts and flips flops the whole weekend. It goes without saying we drank a lot of wine.....a couple of standouts for you to check out below.  Here's to a top British summer and drinking lots of wine outside. Cheers! 


Both from the fridge.....

Crémant de Loire, Sainsbury's Taste the Difference                                      
£9.00 per bottle (currently on offer from £11.00)

A family fun weekend (in fact any weekend!) wouldn't be complete without a glass or 6 of something sparkly. Crémant is a fabulous alternative to Champagne, being made in exactly the same way (the méthode traditionnelle) but a fraction of the price.  This Crémant is from the Loire Valley which is France's second largest producer of sparkling wine outside of Champagne and this bottle is produced for Sainsbury's by Bouvet Ladubay, one of the oldest producers in the region.  The main variety in this Crémant is Chenin Blanc with a small amount of Chardonnay and it is absolutely gorgeous! Dry, beautifully crisp and packed full of fresh peach, apples and honeysuckle. Delicious simply on its own but would be great with seafood or smoked salmon. 

2016 Faustino Rivera, Albarino                                                                      
Where to buy: Sainsbury's, £10 per bottle (currently on offer from £12.00)

From the region of Rias Baixas in Galicia in North West Spain, Albarino is the local and main variety grown here and is one of Spain's most distinctive white grapes.  Historically, this variety was almost always blended and it is only since the 1980s that winemakers have woken up to what a great variety this is on it's own.  A classic partner to fish and seafood, this is an aromatic variety with a classic character of peach and apricot balanced with an underlying minerality.  This is a splendid example (in a very funky blue bottle) with lovely crisp acidity, lots of stone fruits and a subtle herbal note. N.B., Tastes even better when drank outside in the 10 degrees of Scottish summer!